2 घंटे में घुंघराले उलझे बालों को सीधा और सिल्की बनाये

घरेलू नुस्खा एक ऐसा चैनल है जो आपको प्राकृतिक तरीके से खूबसूरत बनने के गुण सिखाता है। घरेलु नुस्खा चैनल आपको फलों के फायदे , घरेलु टिप्स और घरेलु नुस्खों के बारे मैं बताता है जिनके इस्तेमाल से आप अपने आपको खूबसूरत और सेहत मंद बना सकते हो। convert Curly hair in straight and silky

Hello friends, welcome to Gharelu Nuskha. Friends, today I will tell you beauty tips which are useful and beneficial in how too curly and how to rough hair. If you will use this method then your hair will be straight. Many women and men face this kind of problem. For that today I brought remedies which are useful in rough and curly hair. convert Curly hair in straight and silky
We need ingredients: Mustard seed or mustard oil, aloe Vera gel .how to make pest convert Curly hair in straight and silky
Friends, take a leafs of aloe versa and make out 2 spoon gel from aloe Vera leafs. Keep in a bowl. Now add one spoon mustard seed in it. If you have not mustard seed then you can also use mustard oil. Now grind it in grinder or silbatta and make a pest. Use this pest on your hair such as hair dye. After using this remedies on your hair, leave it for two hours. After that wash your hair with the help of shampoo and normal water. Use this method once a week. Friends, I am sure it will work definitely. Thanks for watching. convert Curly hair i
n straight and silky