Gharelu Nuskha (घरेलु नुस्खा) is a unit of Mi Media and Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Gharelu Nuskha is the leading Web channel that promotes traditional Indian home remedies which is authentic since time immoral. We are just presenting audio visual mode. Unfortunately YouTube users from all over the world liked and appreciated it.aboutus gharelu nuskha home remedy

Now, we (Mi Media and Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) have more than 5 laksh subscribers and 41 million viewers and now it increases one subscriber per minute . In other words, we are acquiring more than 3000 subscriber per day.aboutus gharelu nuskha home remedy

Who are our users use home remedy?

As per our observation and analysis, our users belong to those communities who are looking for health remedies on internet or digital media. Either they are suffering from the health issues or they are looking for make them healthy and happy by taking appropriate precautions.

Second, our YouTube channel Gharelu Nuskha (घरेलु नुस्खा) is being watched by those users who strongly believe in Indian home remedies and therapies. It consists of a large number of users in all over the worldwide.

Third, this channel also provides  information on home and health remedies which helps users who are looking for best information on Indian home and health remedies as health researchers.

As per our YouTube users,they can watch demographic (ratio of male and female) as follows:

What we do for Gharelu Nuskhe

To make health remedies videos for our channel, Gharelu Nuskha (घरेलु नुस्खा), we properly research, first, on health issues and second, health remedy related to the particular disease or issue.then we make videos on seasonal diseases and health issues. Second, we provide videos on chronic health issues related to home remedies and relieving tips. 

How we do for desi ilaj in hindi

Our effort is that our users make the home remedy desi ilaj by those things and objects which are handy and easily available in homes or the shops in locality. for example, we prefer to emphasize home goods and things like salt (rock salt, iodine salt, black salt etc.), lemon, turmeric, clove, cardamom, aloe vera, neem leaves, common fruits and vegetables.

Then, we present the way of using those things in proper manners as preparatory  solution or paste in traditional ways of Indian home and health treatment. This is done in elaborative, comprehensive as well as informative.

Our impact

Very humbly we would like to say our number of subscribers is itself says about our impact. Here we would like to bring attention on the fact that within one year we acquired more than 5 lakh subscribers.

Our impact can be observed and analyzed by the subscribers likes and comments on each home remedy videos, too. It shows that we are much appreciated by the YouTube users in larges.

Our next step home remedy in hindi

Though we are going well but we also think this not enough as this vast area has not been explored properly, so we are going to do focus on Regional. For this, we have planned to visit India, region by region, to find regional variation of home remedies. So we will also give videos on comparative home remedies.

In this search, we will also visit Tribal areas of Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgargh, Jharkhand, Himacahal Pradesh etc. It is worth to mention here that tribes of these areas still keeping themselves with their home remedies since evolution of mankind.

In our next step, our step would also be have conversation with Dadi Maa, Nani Maa and old ladies to find out true solution and preparatory of home remedies.

Benefits of our association:

We would like to bring in your kind notice that we can shake hand in the following ways:

Brand collaboration: We would like to be associated with your esteemed brand or product or organization as a YouTube promoter for your branded products or services. For this we would like to advertise your products or services in our home remedies videos.

Your Ads on our channel: As said above about our subscribers, visitors and viewers, we are interested to run your own advertisement (both text of video) before/in/last of our shows under YouTube guidelines. Fortunately, YouTube (google) has permitted us to the same also. Please see below:

Reach and viewership: You can use our YouTube interface i.e.  Gharelu Nuskha (घरेलु नुस्खा) to make your products or services to more viewers. So in this way, you will have more or new reach.

Trust and revenue increment: Our viewership, number of visitor and subscribers lucidly say about our popularity and trust. We are keen to transfer this trust to get or increment our mutual revenue under YouTube guidelines.

Resolution (conclusion)

We would like to say earnestly and eagerly that our association is or would be mutually benefit-able. Thus, we should look forward to shake hand at this concern. aboutus gharelu nuskha home remedy aboutus gharelu nuskha home remedy aboutus gharelu nuskha home remedy aboutus gharelu nuskha home remedy